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The best minds of our generation are thinking about how to make people click on ads climate change

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Build tech that makes an impact

Join us in building tech products that empower millions of people around the world to understand and reduce their carbon footprint. Your life’s work should be something that matters.

Working thoughtfully

Building a sustainable future means having a sustainable approach to work. We aim to create a flexible, calm environment that puts everyone in a position to do their best work.

Scientific integrity

Our allegiance is to the physical world, which we explore and understand through scientific reasoning. We stay honest about what we don't know, and change our views when presented with new evidence.


As members of a small but growing team, we thrive being in the driver's seat, trusted with significant responsibilities. We provide each other with the support needed to succeed, and look out for each others.

Nice humans

We aim for an environment of open-mindedness and psychological safety — where everyone feels welcome to share ideas, views and feedback, no matter how outside of the box they may seem.


Climate change is scary. There's no better medicine to alleviate one's anxiety than to wake up every morning knowing you're doing your best to fix it.


Competitive salary and startup equity
Six weeks paid time off
Lunch at the office
Work in one of the most livable cities in the world
Any book you want policy
Team offsites twice a year
Flexible hours, deep work Tuesdays and Thursdays
International team, English as office language
Work every day to help save the planet

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Didn't find a role that fits? Send us an email with what you have built in the past, and a description of what you'd ideally like to work on.
You can also help by contributing to our open source app. Come say hi on our slack channel if you have any questions.