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We're on a mission

to organise the world's electricity data

Driven by the urgent need to get rid of all fossil fuels, the world is in the midst of the most profound transformation in humankind's history.
In the next decade, the transition to a low-carbon electricity system will require every organisation and government to understand and reduce their real electricity footprint.
electricityMap's mission is to organise the world's electricity data to drive the transition towards a truly decarbonised electricity system.

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The humans behind the computers

Meet our team

We are a group of practical idealists - trying to do what’s right and what’s possible. For us this means using our talents, our time and ambitions to help reduce our collective impact on climate change.
Olivier Corradi

Olivier Corradi, Founder

Olivier is a statistician, data scientist and software engineer. He previously managed data science and engineering at French AI startup Snips (acquired by Sonos), hiring the first 30 employees. In his spare time, Olivier fiddles around with digital music production, plays soccer and worships the 2nd law of thermodynamics. He studied engineering at Ecole Centrale Paris and mathematical statistics at the Technical University of Denmark.
Maya Mileck

Maya Mileck, Head of Strategy & Operations

Maya is a Danish/American strategy and operations lead. She has a background in consulting (McKinsey and Implement Consulting Group) and biotech. Maya loves being active and outdoors, coaching and playing ultimate frisbee at an international level, and leveraging her consulting experience to help NGOs serve their beneficiaries more effectively.
Liv Montmerle

Liv Montmerle, Head of Sales & Partnerships

Liv is a French/Danish business development lead, with experience in leading sales organisations and transformational partnerships within the tech environment (Google, Rocket Internet among others). Liv is also a certified Yoga Instructor and huge fan of the Ocean where she spends most of her free time surfing.
Felix Qvist

Felix Qvist, Data Engineer

Felix is a Danish software developer. Felix enjoys exploring new programming languages, frameworks, and platforms. Before joining electricityMap, Felix worked with DevOps tools at a listed Danish software company.
Mads Nedergaard

Mads Nedergaard, Software Engineer

Mads is a Danish full stack developer. He has a background in design, UX & development from the IT University of Copenhagen and has previously been building educational software at Lix Technologies.
Pierre Segonne

Pierre Segonne, Data Scientist

Pierre is a French data scientist and engineer. He studied applied mathematics at the Technical University of Denmark, and at Ecole Centrale Paris. His love for outdoors activities, such as skiing, hiking or climbing developed in him a strong desire to fight climate change.
Markus Killendahl

Markus Killendahl, Software Engineer

Markus is a Danish Software Engineer with a background in product management. Before joining electricityMap, he worked in Voi and Lix technologies where he developed his passion for creating products that are great to use and fun to build.
Guillaume Picard

Guillaume Picard, Data Scientist

Guillaume is a French/Malagasy data scientist. He has worked at a variety of research labs, startups, and companies from assisting with logistics and user research at a creative computer startup to developing computer simulation models at Apple. Outside of the day-to-day, he loves learning new things like languages, making music and building off-grid cabins.
Kathrin Siller

Kathrin Siller, Business Development

Kathrin is an Italian business developer. She has a background in international business from the Vienna University of Business and Economics and is currently pursuing her masters degree at the Copenhagen Business School.
Rasmus Jeppsen

Rasmus Jeppsen, UX/UI Designer

Rasmus is a Danish UX/UI Designer. He has a background in Digital Design from the IT University of Copenhagen and has several years of experience designing tech products in the agency space. When Rasmus is not in front of the computer or tinkering with post-its, he enjoys hitting the gym and going for long jogs.
José Carlos Sánchez

José Carlos Sánchez, Senior Sales Manager

José Carlos (JC) is a Mexican strategist and account manager. He has a background in cognition and communication and has worked with a variety of different organizations in Mexico, USA and Denmark with digital marketing agencies, consultancies, art museums, politics, and SaaS companies. JC loves cooking, cycling and exploring the outdoors.
André Bernal García

André Bernal García, Data Scientist

André Bernal García is a Spanish energy engineer and data scientist with experience in energy markets, optimization, software development, and sustainability. André loves playing theatre and piano and getting insight into current world news. More recently André has discovered the beauty of gardening, yoga and doing fermentation experiments.
Mathilde Daugy

Mathilde Daugy, Data Analyst

Mathilde Daugy is a French data analyst who previously worked at the International Energy Agency on improving energy data collection. Mathilde enjoys exploring the outdoors, on foot or on her bike.

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