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The leading resource for electricity CO2 data

We provide actionable data quantifying how carbon intensive electricity is on an hourly basis across 50+ countries. The data can be accessed historically, in real time, or as a forecast for the next 24 hours. You can also explore the real time data on the electricityMap app.
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The power of electricityMap

Understand the electricity grid

Carbon intensity
Get access to the carbon intensity (in gCO2eq/kWH) of electricity consumed in the region taking into account the full life-cycle of electricity production.
Hourly granularity
We collect data from all around the world and compute the data in an hourly resolution, allowing you to gain granular insights accounting for the variance of the grid.
Power breakdowns
Get access to the production and consumption breakdowns to understand the full flow and production of the origin of electricity.
By using our flow-tracing methodology, we trace back the origin of electricity accounting for imports and exports. Read more.
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Access the data through the API

Integrate directly with the electricityMap API

Connect your product or service directly to our API to retrieve all relevant electricity data from your regions. Our entire database, including real-time, historical, forecasts as well as marginal data is all available through different endpoints in our API.
The API is simple to use and has been integrated in numerous products and services.
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Get tailored preprocessed historical data files

Only interested in historical data? In that case we can supply you with pre-processed sections of historical data for regions of your choosing. The files can be made available in CSV and Excel formats and contain all the data required for your use case.
Example of historical data
Example of data from API
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We’re here to help you join innovative organizations in leveraging our actionable data to empower and engage your users or to make smart choices about your own electricity usage.
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The company behind electricityMap

We′re on a mission

Driven by the urgent need to get rid of all fossil fuels, the world is in the midst of the most profound transformation in humankind's history.
The mission and vision of electricityMap
In the next decade, the transition to a low-carbon electricity system will require every organisation and government to understand and reduce their real electricity footprint.
Our mission is organise the world's electricity data to drive the transition towards a truly decarbonised electricity system.